Electromagnetic Induction (EMI)

TARGET employs EMI for the detection and characterization of buried foundations, enclosure systems, settlement zones and centers of industrial activity.

EMI has been a successful method across a variety of archaeological contexts, providing detailed maps of buried prehistoric settlement, military encampments, moated sites, abbeys, castle foundations and WOI/WOII remains. The technique is particularly relevant to soil environs problematic to magnetic and electrical methods.

EMI measures variations in both the electrical conductivity (quadrature) and magnetic susceptibility (in phase) properties of the soil using 1 transmitting coil and at least 2 receiving coils. Survey results comprise 4-6 data sets from 2-3 depths below surface.

TARGET combines EMI instrumentation with GLONASS/RTK cm precision GPS for collection of very dense data sets to optimize location and characterization of buried remains.