David Depraetere Archeoloog - Adjunct van de directie

Working together with TARGET has proven to be successful as well as enjoyable. Our project depended for a good amount on flexibility from all parties since it was a large-scale research taking place under sometimes difficult circumstances like changing harvest-schedules, difficult weather- and terrain-circumstances as well as time-pressure.

Even when - in the process - additional parcels were selected for surveying, TARGET has shown a flexibility, endurance and will to produce good results rarely observed in private companies. TARGET has performed the geophysical surveys as if it was for its own research. There was good communication throughout the project and TARGET was always willing to provide, explain or clarify technical information and details concerning the survey-results, and was always willing to discuss particular questions we had. There also was a positive two-way cooperation between TARGET and the archaeological partner Aron bvba in order to make a correct interpretation of the geophysical data.

The high-resolution equipment TARGET uses has proven to be successful for large-scale magnetometry surveying on this soil- and settlement-types.

TARGET works focused towards the aim of the project and delivers qualitative results that allow us to take important further steps in the decision making process of our project of land reclamation.


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Projects for De Vlaamse Landmaatschappij

  • Gooik, 2013-2014