September 2015: simultaneous magnetometer and topographic survey across a medieval landscape.


Results: the image above presents c.10ha of magnetometer and GPS measurements collected from part of one field. The magnetometer results and DTM derived from the GPS detail a multivallate enclosure situated in an elevated position c.92m above sea level. The enclosure, measuring c.150m x 150m in diameter, represents part of a recently discovered medieval landscape which extends eastwards beyond the survey perimeter. Part of the internal enclosure remains have been exposed to modern disturbance, with remnants of recent buildings and disused boundaries stretching to the north-east.

The high resolution geophysical approach to this project was approved by the client in order to:

The ability to view the magnetometer data as an overlay on the DTM has provided added value in terms of visualizing the archaeology more clearly within the general site topography and that of the wider landscape.

Reporting language: English