October 2013 - Roman settlement - Département de Morbihan, Bretagne, France

The image below presents the magnetometry data from this survey, and highlights remains of adjacent enclosures and associated remains sited along the route of a Roman road. Each enclosure contains remains of several kilns and further features used for large-scale pottery manufacture to the region. This survey area lies on a south facing slope in proximity to wet and marshy ground. The southern and northern perimeter could not be fully investigated due to poor ground conditions.

Linear settlement situated along a Roman road, detailing enclosures containing kilns used for pottery manufacture

Instrumentation and methodology

5 sensor magnetometer cart system with GPS, 10cm sample interval, line separation 0.5m.

Geoscan electrical resistivity twin probe array, sample interval 0.5m, line separation 1m


Argillic brown earths

Reporting language