July 2013 - Roman settlement - Département des Deux-Sèvres, Poitou-Charentes, France

The images below present EMI (MSa) and magnetometry data from one survey location to the south of a Roman road. This survey location was bordered by a modern tarmac road, metal fencing and modern housing.

Electromagnetic induction and magnetometry from survey bordering a Roman road

The EMI survey highlighted 3 areas of increased magnetic susceptibility (MSa) at the southern edge of the Roman road (top of EMI image). The magnetometer survey confirmed these as representing remains of small earthen dwellings/hut sites, each measuring c.5m x 8m in diameter. Further hut locations, pit remains and shallow negatives in the magnetometry indicate remains of settlement extending southwards beyond the immediate vicinity of the Roman road.

5 sensor magnetometer cart system with GPS, 10cm sample interval, line separation 0.5m.
Geonics EM38 cart system with GPS, 1m vertical dipole MSa, 8cm sample interval, line separation 0.5m
Geoscan electrical resistivity twin probe array, sample interval 0.5m, line separation 1m

Predominant brown earths soils containing higher levels of granitic sands in the subsoil.

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