February 2012 - Iron age hut remains, Kesselt, Limburg, Belgium

Gradiometer data was recorded along 1m spaced parallel lines at a rate of 10HZ, approximately 10 readings/m along each instrument traverse.

The survey results detail the location of 5, perhaps 6, rectangular hut sites defined by a series of posthole remains. Further pit type anomalies, possible hearth locations and additional features are present within the results, as are 2 linear responses representing modern land drains. Background variation at this site is minimal due to the removal of topsoil, and this has provided exceptionally high level of detail relating to the archaeological remains present within the investigation area.

This survey was successful in contributing substantial further detail of archaeological remains present at the site, thereby aiding the process of site interpretation and archaeological mitigation in advance of proposed development. This project provides yet another example of the detail and precision available when using gradiometry in tandem with GLONASS GPS.