August 2012 - Château de Suscinio, Département de Morbihan, Bretagne, France

Target’s geophysical work at château de Suscinio focused on the partly excavated site of a 14th century chapel and across 1 large field to search for the site of a possible outer bailey.

The data from both geophysical techniques deployed by Target at château de Suscinio provided some illuminating results. The magnetometry in particular discovered remains of previously unknown buried enclosures, ditches, pits and linear responses which indicate not only the site of the possible outer bailey, but also evidence of archaeological activity prior to and following construction of the château in the 13th century. The electrical resistivity survey conducted at the site of the 14th century chapel identified further remains of buried walls and floor surfaces confirming that the full chapel foundation plan extends some distance beyond the present excavation limit.

Instrumentation/methodology: 4 sensor combined magnetometer & VRS GPS cart system (10cm x 0.5m sampling) plus electrical resistivity twin probe system (0.5m x 1m sampling).

Report language: French

Thanks to: Karine Vincent, archaeologist at Service départemental d’archéologie du Morbihan (SDAM) , director of research and restoration at Château de Suscinio.